Death on the Nile was released on February 2022 and began available on Disney + in April 2022. This movie can be called the sequel to a movie entitle Murder in the Orient Express which was released in 2017. Nevertheless, those two movies have two different stories, which can be watched as a standalone movie.

Death on the Nile tells about the journey of a Belgian Detective named Hercule Poirot. He is a famous detective and was called the best detective at that time. In the midst of his Holiday in Egypt, he met an old friend called Bouc. After that meeting, Poirot and Bouc join on a luxurious and murderous trip around the Nile River.

Production Detail

Death on the Nile is directed by Kennet Branagh who also played Poirot. Kennet developed the scenario with Michael Green. The story is adapted from a popular novel with the same title by Agatha Christie.

This movie also starred Gal Gadot, Annete Bening, Arnie Hammer, Tom Bateman, Letitia Wright, Sophie Okonedo, and Emma Mackey.

This movie gets a green light just a couple of months after the first movie got released and is considered a box office. It took almost two years to develop a scenario and gather the player. The production begins in 2019.

Synopsis Death on the Nile

The story focuses on the life of a wealthy and beautiful lady named Linnet Ridgeway (played by Gal Gadot). She has a best friend who is the only one Linnet trusts and her friend does not care about Linnet’s money. Her friend is Jacqueline de Bellefort (played by Emma Mackie).

Their friendship which looks very strong and unbreakable sadly must come to an end. The disaster begins when Jacqueline introduces her fiancé, Simon Doyle. Jacqueline’s intention is to ask for a job for Simon.

Long story short, Simon’s charisma makes Linnet fall in love with him. The strong friendship is instantly gone.

The broken Jacqueline is not doing any harm to Linet, but she begins to act weird. Jacqueline starts to somehow appear and come to every Linet’s important agenda. She just comes, sits, and only stares at Linet.

The peak of the problem came when Jacqueline is somehow able to come to Karnak ship, one day after a sudden change in Linet’s honeymoon trip. In a lot of confusion, someone is murdered in Karnak. Jacqueline who is considered the main suspect has the best alibi to become the one who is innocent. In this condition, Poirot has to uncover the mystery behind the murder.

Do’s – Don’t While Watching Death on the Nile

There are several tips you should consider while watching Death on the Nile.  This movie’s hidden clue relies on the dialogue among the characters, so you should pay full attention to the dialogue. Once you skip the dialogue, most likely you skip one detail so the movie become less real.

Hercule Poirot is the key to the story, so you should understand and keep in mind what is he talking about. You need to be consistent and focused while watching Death on the Nile.

Review Death on the Nile

This movie has the same formula as the first movie, which is locked-room murder mystery movie. The crime in this movie happened in a closed room or building, in this case is a ship.  One thing for sure is, the murderer on of the ship passenger.

Every character is depicted as a person who has the motive and urges to commit the crime. Those conditions make the solving case process become more attractive. After the first murder, people must already be guessing about the murderer, but we cannot give a logical explanation because of the perfect alibi.

This movie have a great costume and artistic detail. It resembles the classical age, as stated in the movie, the story takes place in the 1930s.

The outline story of this movie is outstanding. Even though the story and the case are very complicated,  this movie could deliver the conflict smoothly so there is no significant plot hole. Basically, Poirot only connected the dots among the characters, and after that, he made a wild guess which was 99% correct.

If you love mystery cases and focus-demanding movies, you should watch this movie and you do not watch Murder on the Orient Express yet, that movie is also worth your time.